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Peer Review Dispute Resolution

The Peer Review is a service available to patients and member dentists of the SNDS to resolve the occasional disagreement about dental treatment. When a dispute exists between a patient and a dentist and the parties themselves are not able to find a viable resolution, the Peer Review can help.  The objective of the Peer Review process is to provide an impartial and easily accessible means for resolving misunderstandings between the dentist and the patient in a fair, expeditious and confidential manner.  Frequently, Peer Review can resolve these disputes to the satisfaction of all parties.  

The Peer Review Committee is composed solely of general dentists who have the qualifications and experience to make decisions that reflect the standard of care in the practice of dentistry. When a complaint is initiated through the Peer Review process, a member of the committee will attempt to mediate the problem.  They will conduct a review of the complaint and will consider any questions or concerns about the quality, appropriateness, and completeness of the dental care that was provided.

While patients often initiate complaints on their own, a dentist may also direct a patient towards initiating the Peer Review process. This happens when a dentist is unable to resolve a problem with a patient.  The dentist can suggest to the patient that the problem be settled by mediation through Peer Review and can direct the patient to initiate the complaint.

Time is of the essence in the initiation of a complaint for Peer Review.  The more time that lapses between the disputed treatment and its presentation to the Peer Review Committee, the greater the possibility that the clinical condition in the complaint can be affected.  Changes in the patient’s health, subsequent dental treatment, or the simple passing of time can make a complaint impossible to resolve.  Therefore it is advisable that disputes be brought to the Peer Review Committee as soon as the patient or the dentist recognizes that there is a problem. 

If you are interested in initiating a peer review, please contact the Southern Nevada Dental Society (702) 733-8700 to speak with a coordinator.   Once a request for paperwork is initiated the dentist will be informed that there has been a complaint received in the office, before an official complaint has been filed. Once a request for review is received, SNDS will contact the patient to obtain authorization to perform the review.  The patient must consent to the review for the case to proceed.