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The purpose of The Angel Program (TAP) is to form a mutual assistance program of participating dentists to aid a stricken society member and/or the family if the member is unable to continue to work in his/her practice due to illness, disability or death.

Angel Program Premise:
  • What would happen to your practice if you were suddenly unable to practice dentistry for a few days, a few weeks or a FEW MONTHS??
  • Who would take care of your patients?
  • When does your disability Insurance kick in—30/60/90 days?
  • What about your staff?  Would they stay?


  • Must be an active member of the ADA/NDA/SNDS.
  • Maintain a private practice or small partnership practice within the boundaries of the SNDS.
  • Possess active insurance coverage(s) -- for example, office and professional liability, fire, office overhead, disability, health and accident, life.
  • Must have a plan in place for selling their practice if the disability turns out to be permanent
  • Must have someone in their office who can allow the volunteers access to the office’s practice management system.

Angel Program Coverage:

  • Coverage will begin as soon as soon as feasible, and continue for the period not to exceed of 120 days, or until when there is a “full time” replacement for the affected dentist, or the affected dentist can return to work or when the practice is sold.
  • The requesting office will have to be flexible with operating hours and open days to accommodate the volunteers. The requesting member of family will have to provide a physician's statement of the extent and expected duration of the absence/ disability.
  • Should the disability become a permanent one and the practice must be sold the length of support will not exceed 120 days. It remains the affected dentist’s family’s duty to make the arrangements for evaluation and disposition of the practice.
  • All volunteer providers working in another’s practice will obtain informed consent for each patient they treat.

The Angel Program Application and Agreement Form

Angel Program Application
Please upload the agreement form here. We will review your application in the order it was received.