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Dentist Mentor 

Our goal for this program is to have our mentors engage and offer guidance as the students and new dentist become part of our dental community.  We expect that our mentors will make an effort to reach out to their mentee to offer assistance and become a resource.  Contact can be made through email, phone, invitation to your office, and through the new web portal community platform where you can case share. Through the year there will also be panel discussions at UNLV SDM auditorium, it would be nice if you could attend and support your mentee and be available to answer questions.  We ask that our mentors plan on taking the time to engage the students and make it a valuable experience.

Thank you for your support


The SNDS Mentor Program is a cooperative project of the Southern Nevada Dental Society in conjunction with the UNLV School of Dental Medicine. The SNDS Mentor Program is intended to enhance student's educational experiences by providing another perspective, that of a practicing dentist who shares some of their interests. If you would like to participate, please complete the questionnaire below and submit to the Southern Nevada Dental Society. Please note that all responses are voluntary and will be used only to pair you with a protege.

Type of Practice

Size of Practice

Have you ever served as a mentor?

Do you currently have a protege?

Was your mentoring part of a formal mentoring program?

If yes, who sponsored the mentoring program?

Who are you interested in mentoring?

Like to request a specific student?

How can your protege contact you?